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Looking To Buy?

Let Us Show You Our Competitive Advantage!

We help our clients get the best houses for the lowest possible price in the right amount of time.   

We start by getting all of our clients pre-approved with a preferred mortgage lender. This allows us to establish a budget. We walk you through the home buying process so that there is full transparency every step of the way. This is particularly important for our First Time Home Buyers. 

We give you the tools you need to find what you are looking for in your future home. 90% of home buyers start their search online, we'll help you start there in order to narrow down your criteria.   

Once we find a home that seems promising we have the listing agent show you the home. 

Who knows the most about a property? The agent that is seeing it for the first time with you, or the agent that has spent time helping the seller get it onto the market? That’s what we think too.  

By seeing the home with the listing agent this gives us a competitive advantage.  We can ask all the important questions and get immediate answers.

If you like the home and want to put in the an offer we coordinate with the listing agent, and the seller to find common ground. We’ll help you negotiate the price and terms to get you the best possible deal with the best possible terms.

Once the offer is accepted we will help coordinate every step of the transaction to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible.

House Hacking Live Rent Free!

House Hacking can put in you in a situation where you live in an apartment literally for free, maybe even get paid to live there. On top of that you have other people paying your mortgage for you every month, so your loan balance goes down while you are saving thousands in monthly payments. 

Sound Too Good To Be True?