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Our Mission

To Change The World Of Real Estate For Good


We believe hiring the best real estate agent is the most important step in any real estate transaction and even in today's information era the process is unnecessarily difficult. Many of the largest real estate sites recommend agent based on who ever is willing to pay them the most. Our mission is to make hiring the best agent at the best price an easy and fun adventure for our clients. We charge a set fee and no agent can pay us for a recommendation. We rank agents based on performance and results. We dig into their past and present before introducing them to a client since their business is our business. 

With over 2 Million licensed real estate agents in the United States it is impossible for the average consumer to find the best agents to sell their home. Did you know over 70% sellers hire the first agent they interview? We think there is something seriously wrong with this statistic. 

How can so many people trust the first person they interview with handling one of the most significant financial transactions of their lives? 


The answer is simple, this is still a relationship business and real estate agents spend many hours each week training how to overcome client objectives Even the not so great part-time agents can make customers feel like they are in the safest of hands when out on listing appointments. We use cold hard facts to cut through the fluff and find the best agents for our clients. 

Integrity and Honesty Above All Else


In an industry full of empty promises and mind games we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. True to our name we were founded on the core concept of putting our clients first and always doing what is in their best interest. 

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is


Our founders have committed to operating the company as a Not-For-Profit operation. Profit is not part of our mission statement. Profits will be reinvested into the company so that it can grow and become a major player in the real estate industry.